BLACK MAGIC WRISTBANDS!   THIS IS NEXT YEAR WRISTBANDS!!100% Silicone. (Don't be fooled by the cheap imitations that are flooding the market...) BLACK MAGIC on one side, BELIEVE on the other side of BOTH bracelets!!! Show your USC TEAM SOLIDARITY & TEAM SPIRIT, whether it be football, baseball, basketball or any one of the other sports at the University!  You just gotta BELIEVE in the 'COCKS to make it happen!! All orders shipped the same day! Only $2 ea.   Order 10, get TWO FREE; Order 20, get FOUR  FREE!  We'll just add them to your order when it ships!  (If you don't care to order on line, call us @ 1-800-866-3810 (779-8235-Columbia)  or (email us at  and we can take the order over the phone! MC or VISA!)  Also, visit the  VISORS section under the main menu  (Catalog/Products) to see the new Spurrier Visors! Also NEW this year is the COCK N' FIRE CAR MAGNET  below! Scroll on down and take a look!!

GARNET & BLACK Marbelized 100% Silicone UNITY BRACELETS!  Wear what the Coaches wear!!How many times ahve we all said "Wait Unitl Next Year!"? Well...with the new "Sherrif" in town, "This IS Next Year!"   seems appropriate, with BELIEVE on the other side. Coach Spurrier is going to install an new and exciting style of football never seen on OUR side of the football! AND why not mix both colors together? Garnet & Black. No two are the same, kinda like snowflakes.  100% Silicone.  All orders shipped the same day! Only $2 ea., and free shipping in the USA. (If you don't care to order on line, we can take your order over the phone! 1-800-866-3810 MC or VISA!!) Order 10, get 1 free! Order 20, receive 4 FREE!!   Are you ready for Gamecock Sports!?  Be sure and visit the VISORS section under the main menu (Catalog/Products) to see the NEW Spurrier Visors! Don't forget the NEW EXCLUSIVE COCK N' FIRE CAR MAGNET BELOW!!


This is a NEW BEGINNING with the SPURRIER ERA! Here is an EXCLUSIVE Car Magnet:  The COCK N' FIRE Car Magnet!! 5.75" x 7.5" and loaded with FULL color! Order  now before quantity is gone! NOW ONLY $6 EA!! (CLC Approved.) Order on line, or just call us 800-866-3810 or in Columbia 779-8235  (All orders shipped the same day!)

 FULL COLOR CAROLINA STRIP CAR MAGNET!! BIGGER AND BETTER!!! 3.5"H x 12"L.  Show your support with the new COCK N' FIRE Football Magnet and one of these beautifully detailed strip magnets! You can order on line, or call us Columbia: 803-779-8235 or out of towners, call 800-866-3810. OR email us, and we'll call you!  $5 ea. Can't beat that with a stick! (All items CLC Approved & Licensed) MC or VISA. All items shipped the same day.       GO COCKS!!

Carolina Gamecocks Car Magnet - CAROLINA

This is a great way to enhance the car spirit you already have heading towards the game! Custom Cut as you see it (No "simple square") the BLOCK C CAR MAGNET is a perfect fit anywhere on the vehicle! Sized at 7" x 8", this won't crowd out anything else you have!  Order two! One for each side! $5 ea. Order on-line below, or call us at 1-800-866-3810 (803-779-8235-Columbia). Or simply email us , and we'll call you! All orders are shipped the same day the orders are placed. Not to shabby, huh?! GO COCKS!

(All items CLC Approved and licensed)

 FULL COLOR GAMECOCK BIRDS FOR YOUR CAR! 5" x 7"! Either side, as they should be! Let us know what side or you need, or just order both GAMECOCK BIRDS! $7 for the GAMECOCK BIRD PAIR, or $4 for individual GAMECOCK BIRDS! AND WITH Free shipping! Email us, or just call, either way you'll get your GAMECOCKS as they should be!  Call us too free  at 800-866-3810 or just email us at  or just shop below with the handy PAY NOW  buttons. (Top BUY NOW Button is for both Gamecock Bird Magnets; Bottom BUY NOW is for individual Gamecock Bird magnets, so please specify which one, left side or right side!) Jeff