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Promotion: pro-mo-tion
Pronunciation: pro-mO'-shun
Function: noun
Date: 15th century
1 : the act or fact of being raised in position or rank : PREFERMENT
2 : the act of furthering the growth or development of something; especially : the furtherance of the acceptance and sale of merchandise through advertising, publicity, or discounting


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A Message from the President...

Back in the early 90's, while tailgating at a college SEC football game and marveling at the number of cars that had magnetic signs, car flags and stickers stuck to them, I made a comment of: "I'll bet I could make those, make the color better, and at a better cost, too."  I had no idea how one statement would change my life!

That challenge stuck. I took that idea from a concept to reality. I found manufacturers with better colors and better prices. Then someone asked for a truck magnet, then a local school and a bank asked for custom magnets, someone called about golf towels, mugs, pens and so on. The client list and business opportunities has grown from a tailgate party, to the US Post Office (USPS), to a nationally recognized bank, restaurants, dentists, veterinarians, schools, a national cable company (Comcast) , overseas orders, and more! Even a cattle ranch in Nevada has used our services! So far, over 8.8 million magnets and been have sold. And that's just the magnets! From car magnets ('nicked "The Worlds Largest Refrigerator Magnets"), to in-house embroidery services and custom apparel to sponsoring local kids in the "All American Soap Box Derby" (l998, 2 racers; 2000, 3 racers-1 local winner;  2001, 4 racers-one "Bridesmaid" finish;  2002, 5 racers, (again another heart-breaking 2nd place finish..). 2003, SIX racers, and in 2004 we  added a MASTER'S CAR!  (Shown below..) which has finished 2nd with four different drivers..   Maybe...just or two will make the trip to Akron, OH  for the finals in 2013!! Every year we just keep trying. Finding new kids gets to be a challenge, but then everything these days is as well. ( So for every order, some of it goes to making these kids have a great summer (not to mention a smilin' sponsor & crew-chief!)

amc Branding ( brings you the highest possible quality of work at the best prices available. Not only magnets, but also items like key chains, tools, golf balls, golf bags, golf apparel, pens, roll labels, mouse pads, shirts, caps, marble art, disposable cameras, straw hats, bottle openers, jar openers, bandannas, umbrellas, flashlights, any kind of apparel you can think of. Embroidered or silk-screened. From soup to nuts, as a friend calls it. And the product list keeps growing. Can't see it on the site? Call us..more than likely, we just haven't put it up yet. Give us a call (800-866-3810), fax 
(803-779-8236), or email (! You want references? Boy, have we got 'em! All you have to do is ask. The numbers are a click away. It doesn't hurt to ask, or cost to talk. If we're not here, leave a message. We return calls  & e-mails promptly. Anytime. So please call! We've got kids to sponsor (6 this year!), and races to win!! Our Corp. mission statement is simple...  "We don't meet your needs...we exceed them."

Thanks for dropping by...
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 Jeff Seidel


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