NOW there IS a way to put a flag on your car WITHOUT it blowing off! Will not "flutter" while driving or go limp while at a stand still!  The new CLIPPIT CAR FLAG!  3" x  5" and 10" TALL OF PURE VISIBILITY! These  will fit 98% of the vehicles on the road today. Simply lift the hood or trunk of your car, and slide the clip on and close it. Remove it the same way. Simple and easy. PLUS we will give a 100% lifetime warranty replacement on the CLIPPIT CAR FLAG!  The CLIPPIT CAR FLAGS will not FADE, BLEED OR SHREAD like regular car flags!That's how sure we are that it will last as long you have it.  Make your own, or get a stock one. No problem. Give us a call and we'll tell you how to get the art to us. Available now, below left, is a BUY IT NOW BUTTON for the USC  CLIPPIT CAR FLAGS!  Now for a limited time, $8 ea. and FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!! (Please specify which flag, #1, #2, #3, or #4 as ea. flag has a number next to it above) Or just call us, and we can take the information over the phone and send them out on the same day ordered!)   Don't follow the crowd with "normal" flags!  DISPLAY YOUR PRIDE WITH SOMETHING NEW AND INNOVATIVE!!  amc branding (  1-800-866-3810  or 803-779-8235-Columbia, SC                                    
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 Now you CAN take it with you! This coolie is designed for stadium cups.  Or Solo Cups. Or Styro-foam cups.  Cups of all kinds! This coolie is designed not for bottles or cans, but only cups.  Thiscoolie is also imprinted both sides AND the bottom! Going to a function that will not allow you to take in your can or bottle?  Do you have to pour it into a cup?  Now you can show your GAMECOCK SUPPORT with these new  GAMECOCK CUP COOLIES! AVAILABLE IN BOTH GARNET AND BLACK!   And for a limited time, only on-line orders, you can get 7 when you purchase 6. One free. Can't beat this deal with a stick. Order NOW! Or call us at 1-800-866-3810 or email us Either way, we will ship the next day. GO COCKS!  (We can also do custom cup coolies with your business or group logo as well! Call for details!)