We offer the best digitizing service anywhere for a low price $20 a file, regardless of the size. This cost will afford you the chance to do demos for customers at a reasonable price.  Any format. You want a full back?  You got it. Just the front, no problem. Whether it's 5,000 stitiches or 100,000 stitches, it's the same cost. Call or email us (1-803-446-6365-mobile) or email us at  admagnets@live.com  and we can either email  or fax back the form for the embroidery. All we need to know is the size, colors,  and where it's to be located. Simple. No charge for "our" fault re-edits. $10 for  re-edits (different size, colors, etc.).  48 hour turn-around time after art approval. (If art has to be re-drawn into a vector format, there might be a $11 charge, but this file will also be sent back to you for any future use you might have for it.) Increase your margins. We want your business.

Jeff Seidel.